Dear Springtime,

I have been breeding Boxers for over 12 years now, using holistic methods whenever possible. I have a female named Carmella, who was spayed a year ago at age 5 after having a few litters. I noticed after being spayed that she started becoming more and more incontinent, leaking urine while sleeping. Over the past year, we have tried all kinds of antibiotics and supplements. Everything seemed to work only for a short time.

Then one day I thought of Springtime. I have used Bug Off Garlic over the years for my dogs and horses. It works great! I decided to call Springtime and ask what I could try for my Carmella girl. The account representative was very helpful and recommended Longevity. I also decided to give Longevity to my boy, Komrad, who will be turning 8 this summer, and who has had stomach issues all his life.

Carmella and Komrad have been on Longevity now for a month. All I can say is wow - what a difference in both! Carmella has stopped leaking. Both dogs have no more bad breath, no more stomach or gas problems and their eyes even look brighter.

I am so excited and amazed. I will be recommending these products to everyone. Thank you, Springtime!!!

Corie Greico, New York