Dear Springtime,

I began giving the Bug Off Garlic products to my dogs (a Border Collie named Joy, an Australian Shepherd named Dixie, and a Whippet named Zoom Zoom) and to my flock of sheep in March of this year (2016). I feed the dogs the Bug Off Garlic Chewables (mixed in their feed each morning) and mix the Bug Off Garlic with the mineral salt ration that the sheep receive two or three times each week. Both the dogs and the sheep LOVE their Bug Off Garlic!

Then, I ran out of the granules about a month ago. I'm a Stockdog (Herding) Trainer and my sheep (73 of them – mostly Barbados Blackbelly hair sheep) are used for training and herding events here at the farm. As a result, the sheep spend a considerable amount of time out of the barn during the "buggiest" time of day. I noticed the sheep were "dancing" and running around with their heads down to avoid pests. They needed their Bug Off Garlic --- AND SOON! My order arrived today (28 June). The sheep practically inhaled their mineral salt "laced" with Bug Off Garlic this afternoon! Hopefully, they'll be "bug-proof" again, soon!

Judith Bigham, Ohio
Hado-Bar Farm