Dear Springtime,

Boswellia Extract is the best product that I have ever used for my degenerative back pain, with the exception of NSAIDs and narcotics (which I elected to discard in favor of the Boswellia Extract long ago, thanks to Springtime).

Here is a photo of my TWH mare, Sable, and me. She has been given Hoof & Coat Formula since she was rescued four years ago. This product has been on my MUST HAVE list for approximately 25 years! All of my horses bloom with daily, year-round use. We use a pelleted feed, but they lick up this supplement and never leave it sitting in the bottom of the feeder! We enjoy riding varied and challenging terrain and I attribute my horse's endurance to the natural ingredients found in the Hoof & Coat Formula. Of course, they are all on a good feeding and maintenance program as well.

Did I mention that my dogs look forward to their daily doses of Fresh Factors to keep them feeling and looking great? They have improved digestion, shiny coats and reduced doggy odor! Thank you, Springtime, for products that deliver at affordable prices!


Helen McLawhorn, North Carolina