Dear Springtime,

I just have to share once how much I am grateful for Springtime. I recently started having problems with my Corgis, Callie and Cooper, not getting along. Callie is almost nine years old, and her brother, Cooper, is almost seven years old. There would be grumbles and even fighting for no apparent reason (it broke my heart). In addition, Callie was having spells where suddenly she would become anxious and pace, etc.

Well, I took Callie to our vet who ran all kinds of tests but nothing showed up. The vet prescribed doggy Prozac. I talked with a friend who said to try your Stress Free Calmplex. Well, we started them on Stress Free Calmplex just a short time ago and now they both are back to their ole, loving selves… Thank you so very much Springtime, from the bottom of my heart!

Lori A. Haskett, Indiana