Dear Springtime,

I've written you once before, about your Fresh Factors and Longevity products, and I feel compelled to write again. Louie, our 10 ½ year old Lab/Beagle mix, has been on both of your products for over nine years, ever since some wonderful woman told me about Springtime while we were visiting one of our local National Parks. I wish I could thank her, and, if this gets to print, I hope she reads this story – I am so very grateful for her sharing your amazing products! 

She had seen that Louie was gimpy – walking mostly on three legs, resulting from a broken hind leg by a previous owner. He was 10 months old when we adopted him in the nick of time from the Humane Society. He was scheduled to be euthanized, as no one wanted him with a lame leg. However, within months of beginning Fresh Factors, Louie could run and would smile while doing so. It was our good fortune to be able to adopt Louie as he has been a great pup with a wonderful, sweet disposition. 

I've also been so incredibly pleased with the positive effects of Longevity for Louie, who used to have such terrible, daily gas. Quite embarrassing when we'd have company over! Longevity is wonderful for eliminating gas. Some breeds of dogs seem to naturally have a lot of gas. I've given samples of your Longevity to two different families who have gassy dogs. And I want to tell you - the gas problems stop! Also, along with that, I've got to believe that the pups feel better too, just as we would! 

So, I wanted to thank you again for your stellar, cost effective dog products, allowing me to ensure that my pups have the best lives I can provide for them! 

Phyllis Nodler, Idaho