Dear Springtime,

Thank you so much for your professional and prompt service! Before placing my order, I called with a question and was pleasantly surprised to be connected to a "live" person within seconds.

Most importantly, the product is excellent. A friend who is a dog trainer gave me our first bottle of Skin & Coat Oil when we got our rescue dog, Tashi, about 6 months ago. It made such a difference in her health. Tashi was always scratching and had a dull coat. Within a few days of getting a daily dose of Skin & Coat Oil, her fur gleamed, she was no longer scratching, and she just appeared more energetic overall. Tashi loved the taste - in fact, a sprinkle of the oil in her bowl encouraged her to eat her food.

At first, I thought that this might be a fluke - that any good food, perhaps even without a supplement, would be sufficient to improve the health of this sweet dog that hadn't had the best start in life. So for a while, I just fed her well, without the oil supplement. Tashi's overall health held steady, but her skin became flaky and itchy and slightly dull again. Then I tried a different natural supplement that was highly rated, but she didn't like the taste as well (she obviously waited until she was really, really hungry to eat up all her food) and it only improved her skin and coat condition a little.

We are now happily back with the Springtime Skin & Coat Oil. Almost immediately, I see a significant, positive difference in Tashi's health, and she eagerly gobbles down her food when it has a bit of her favorite Skin & Coat Oil on it! Thank you so much for such a wonderful product! I really appreciate that it is made with just a few wholesome, organic components, without a list of unpronounceable and highly suspicious chemicals.

Elise Strevel, North Carolina