Dear Springtime,

My 4 year old off the track Thoroughbred's registered name is 'Great Rezults' but I call him 'Sir G' or just plain 'G'. He was a throw away as he only raced 8 times in his young life and came in 1st just once. But his last two races this year in March and April, he came in 2nd! His ancestors are Man O' War, Native Dancer, and Unbridled is his Great Grandfather…his cousin is American Pharaoh! His knees are a little inflamed and can't handle the races anymore so his owner let him go. So for only $600, I have a beautiful 4 year old Thoroughbred with lots of life left in him and he's enjoying the 'retired' life!

I have been using your Hoof & Coat Formula on Sir G for a little over a week now. He was suffering from rain rot. I had used a product which killed the rain rot, but his hair hadn't grown back in. However, this past week after I started on Hoof & Coat Formula, I noticed his hair has completely filled back in!!! WOW, that was FAST!

And I'm pretty sure his 'delicate' hooves have strengthened as well. He has kept both of his shoes securely on the past 2 and 1/2 weeks (twice he's lost one prematurely). Today I noticed his hooves look really healthy, shiny, and strong and his hind hooves haven't started chipping away like they normally do after a couple of weeks. I can't wait until my farrier comes on October 12th to see how much Sir G's feet have improved!

I moved him from a much too wet environment that was causing him to be very tender footed and making him basically lame. He also obtained an abscess from that place as well. After moving Sir G to his now high and dry beautiful home, it took a month for him to recover. But I just have to say that this past week after starting him on the Hoof & Coat Formula, he recovered at a rapid pace from both the rain rot AND his soft, water damaged hooves.

Thank you, Springtime for a wonderful product!!! I will send you an update to let you know what my farrier thinks. I'm sure he will be very pleased!


Gayle Stephenson, Florida