Dear Springtime,

We currently have four rescued dogs, two rescued cats, and a flock of 17 chickens. We are longtime fans of Springtime's amazing products.

Our introduction to Springtime's Fresh Factors came in 1999 when they saved the life of my mother's dog, Honey, a German Shepherd mix. Honey's pain level had increased to the point that the vet recommended euthanasia if she did not improve. An acquaintance of Mom's suggested Fresh Factors. After several weeks of taking them, Honey was acting like a different dog. The vet was amazed and told Mom, "Whatever you are doing, keep doing it!" Fresh Factors gave Mom another four years with Honey.

After seeing Honey's remarkable change, we started our Labrador, Remington, and our English Shepherd mix, Mollie, on Fresh Factors too. Remi had stiffened some with early arthritis, but after taking Fresh Factors he was back to bouncing and fetching at full speed. As both Remi and Mollie were about 80 pounds, we wanted to help them live healthy, happy lives for as long as possible. Remi, despite having major health issues for half of his life due to abuse suffered before we rescued him, lived to be almost fourteen. Mollie lived to the ripe old age of seventeen years and three months, needing only occasional arthritis medicine the last year of her life.

As other dogs joined our pack family, they too, joined the Fresh Factors fan club. Lily, our Springer Spaniel mix, is now fourteen and our Shepherd/Doberman, Sherman, is thirteen. Both are starting to slow down a little, so we added Advanced Hip & Joint Chewables to their Fresh Factors. Despite his age and size, Sherman still manages to keep up with our newest pack members, Brigid and Bee, two Labrador mixes who are now six but run around like pups. Even our cat, Wilbur, like Fresh Factors!

Our animals are not the only ones to benefit from Springtime products. We love Boswellia Extract! My husband likes how it helped heal his injured shoulder and decreases his recovery time when he overdoes it. I am especially grateful for the way Boswellia Extract helps me in my fight against late stage/disseminated Lyme disease. I am using it as part of my healing protocol and am getting better every day!

Thank you, Springtime, for helping keep our family whether four-footed or two-footed healthier and happier. Although there are cheaper options for sale, it is actually more cost effective and better all round to get the excellent quality products Springtime delivers. Keep up the good work!

Thank you many times over from the entire Olson household!

Nita Olson, Ohio