Dear Springtime,

I had to laugh when I read about Druid, the Corgi, eating 60 Fresh Factors tablets. I have a similar story to attest to the safety of your products.

We had been ordering Joint Health Chewables for our older Doberman and Basset Hound. The UPS driver always put the package in the garage, and our dogs never bothered the delivery boxes. On this particular day, the package was left in the garage as usual. The difference was that we had recently adopted a year-old, 60 lb. Black Lab named Maggie from the animal shelter. Now, we had always had Dobermans and Basset Hounds, and Maggie was our first Lab. We had no idea of the tendency of Labs to eat or chew everything in sight! Maggie proceeded to tear into the box, chew through the plastic bottles, and devour 320 (out of 360) Joint Health Chewables! I could imagine our other dogs watching her and thinking, "Boy, are you going to be in SO much trouble!"

By the time we got home from work, she looked like she had swallowed a basketball! (Granted, she did not need any supper that night.) We immediately called the vet who said that since everything in the product was natural, we could expect maybe only a little diarrhea and/ or a little vomiting, if anything. That is exactly what happened! She was fine in the morning, and ready for breakfast.

Maggie is now 13 years old and exceptionally agile. Perhaps, in addition to being safe, your JH Chews have a residual effect? HA! About a month ago, she was favoring her leg a little. She had no other symptoms so we (and the vet) were quite surprised when she tested positive for Lyme disease. We had her treated and she's fine now – no lameness, no antibodies in the blood, and is now on the vaccine.

The vet did suggest that we start her on some sort of glucosamine supplement. I knew right away what to do! It's been years since I ordered, but for additional "insurance" for my beloved dogs, my order for Joint Health Chewables is enclosed. Thank you for your great quality products, your friendly service, and speedy delivery.

Debbie Grove, West Virginia