Dear Springtime,

You are this breeder's best friend! I rely on so many of your fine products: Omega 3-6-9, Spirulina Wafers, C-Complex, Joint Health Chewables, Bug Off Garlic Granules, Skin & Coat Oil, and now Bee Pollen!

In March I was preparing one of my female Labradors for a breeding. I own a two year-old male but, he was not our selected stud for this breeding. As the time drew nearer for my female to ovulate, poor Garth was driven to distraction. He began to refuse his meals and I feed my dogs a raw diet! It seemed that nothing would entice Garth to eat his meals.

I was trying variations of food and supplements to encourage my boy to eat. Finally, I decided to give Bee Pollen a try and IT WORKED! Once I started sprinkling Bee Pollen over his meals, he has been able to maintain a healthy appetite.

Thank you for your fine products. The quality is unparalleled! And, their effectiveness is priceless!

I've attached a picture of my five Labradors and a picture of Garth (he recently earned the AKC JH title!)


Sandy Stokes, West Virginia