Dear Springtime,

Just dropping a line to let you know how well the products worked for my dogs. Lassie is 15 and about 1 1/2 years ago had many lipomas or lumps all over her, scabby sores on her skin, and was barely walking and worst of all, smelled so bad that I could hardly stand to be near her. I started her on 3-4 Fresh Factors a day, which she loves. Now she has a shiny coat, the lipomas are smaller and the sores are all gone. She is walking better too.

My other dog, Captain, is four and had been doing well on Fresh Factors plus Bug Off Garlic Chewables. Then, a few months ago, he started itching and getting allergic type rashes. This cleared up after only a few days on the C-Complex. Thanks a lot, Springtime!

Elizabeth Markovich, Florida