Dear Springtime,

I don't normally leave feedback but I had to say something about your product, Joint Health Formula. I have always liked this horse named Hawk since I first saw him four years ago at my trainer's ranch. Just last year in 2015, the trainer decided to let Hawk go and I asked for him.

During the summer when I got Hawk, I noticed that with just a little rain he would get an abscess in his right hind hoof and become lame. He would stay lame for two weeks, heal up, but then another rain would come and in just a few hours he would again get the abscess.

However, I read that the Joint Health Formula helps with inflammation and I thought I would give this product a try. Hawk no longer is inflamed on his hoof, and the best part is yet to come. For the past three weeks this year we have had steady rain, and Hawk has not been lame from a single abscess. He had an abscess one time earlier during the rainy spring, but it was not a bother for even two days.

I am happy to say that Joint Health Formula supports my "flat foot" horses' natural healing process and abscesses and lameness are better managed. He will be on Joint Health Formula for the rest of his life. I stand by this product whole heartedly. This is by far the best formula for him and any horse for that matter with abscess problems.

Your Bug Off Garlic is also amazing. I have always fed the garlic to my young four year old female (her name is Kenya, she's my baby). Anyways, Hawk used to be tormented by the horse flies and he used to get bitten especially on his privates. He would stomp his two hind feet, put his head down almost to the ground like he was going to pass out. But now with the Bug Off Garlic, he is so much happier and grazing is much easier for him.

Sabata Dupuch, Virginia