Dear Springtime,

I am a foster home for Lab Rescue of the LRCP. In February, we had a dog come in with severe allergies, a thinning, dull coat and significant hair loss. Stella, a one year old chocolate Lab, was also 10 pounds underweight. After two weeks at the vet, she came home with me to foster.

A few months ago, a bottle of Skin & Coat Oil had been donated to the rescue. I decided to add it to her food to see if it would help.

Stella has been with me for five weeks. Skin & Coat Oil, along with high quality, limited ingredient, grain free-food and a lot TLC, of course, has helped make her coat is shiny, healthy and gorgeous! Stella now regularly gets compliments on her beautiful coat.

Thank you for making this product. I will use it with my dog and all future fosters!

Amy Gooding, Maryland