Dear Springtime,

I just wanted to say that I am thrilled with the Bug Off Garlic for horses. I started my horses on it and was not even up to the full dose and noticed a dramatic difference in the amount of flies that were on and around my horses. And none of my horses have any flies bothering their eyes! I so love to treat things in a natural way, and Bug Off Garlic is so safe and easy to use. It treats the whole animal, not just the areas you sprayed with fly spray!

To explain why I am so excited that my horses are doing so well, I have to tell you that we just moved to Florida from Colorado. The horses arrived in Florida in January and started to drop weight right away. I had to relearn how to feed them in this climate. Everyone I talked to said to get ready for itchy, miserable horses and that they would end up with rain rot, hoof rot, etc. I was terrified that bringing them here would not be a good idea.

However, I did my research and in addition to the new feed plan, added in the Bug Off Garlic. And within two weeks I could really notice a difference in the flies on the horses. I have since been telling everyone that has horses to use this. Bug Off Garlic will save them a ton on fly spray! It is safe and has other health benefits as well.

Here is a great shot of two of my boys, Radar and Friday, out on the pasture. I had not groomed them in a while and yet they are super slick. One of my neighbors even asked me if I was using hair polish on them. Nope, I told him it was the Bug Off Garlic and good forage. Also, I had another man just stop by the house (we are new here) and tell me how good my horses looked and asked if I had any for sale!

I keep my family and pets as natural as possible and this product has far surpassed my expectations – thanks again!

Alicia Morris, Florida