Dear Springtime,

About three years ago, our English Shepherd, Lizzie, got very ill. Her blood work came back with an ALT of over 500. She was in liver failure. My vet did not think she would live past three months. We started her on the usual liver meds, but we had a terrible time getting her to eat and her ALT was not coming down much.

I started to cook and feed her liver to see if that would help. Knowing many of your products have desiccated liver in them I searched through your catalog and came upon the Longevity powder. So I ordered a tub and started her on that as well. I showed the product to my vet and she said "there isn't an ingredient in there that I don't like." Plus, she liked the high liver content.

Gradually her ALT came back to normal. I attribute her responding so well and healing to your Longevity product. It helped cleanse her liver of the toxins and helped it to heal.

I periodically feed Longevity to all my dogs just to help cleanse their systems from any toxins that may build up. Lizzie is healthy and alive today and going strong at 10 years old.

Thanks for all the great products you make!

Ann Fake, Pennsylvania