Dear Springtime,

We've been using several of your products for ourselves and our dogs. The latest product I added this last year is the Skin & Coat Oil for our dogs. I have to say this is the first year my smallest dog, Mandy, a Yorkshire terrier and Dachshund mix with the Yorkie hair, has had the lushest and thickest coat for winter that I've ever seen on her. Maggie the Border Collie has a lovely, thick, shiny coat too and the Corgi mix, Molly, seems to be shedding less – she has thick fur with an undercoat and is always soft and silky.

Actually, I'm jealous. Since I have been fighting with thinning hair for several years now, I've been tempted to try the Skin & Coat Oil for myself. Is it safe for human consumption? Maybe you should think of creating one for humans. Just a thought.

Thanks for the great products and for taking such good care (by way of your products) of our fur family and our human family.

A very satisfied customer,
Donna Bonia, Massachusetts