Dear Springtime,

This is Doc. He is a 10 year old Mustang. When I purchased/rescued him from an agent, he was abandoned at a boarding facility. He was a dark grey and dingy color. His right shoulder clicked when he walked and he moved in chunky motions. Last spring he had a bought of colic as well.

As a longtime customer of Springtime products for dogs and people, I decided to give it a try for this boy. I started him on Spirulina Wafers and Joint Health Wafers, adding more to the number during the cold months.

We are at almost 9 months of using both products and we are sold. (You can see his fluid movements and thankfully we now can't hear his cracking joints.) You can see his coloring - in the middle of winter! His teeth look awesome and the farrier can't say enough about the change in his hooves. Thanks for providing healthy options for horses.

Carol Crane, Utah