Dear Springtime,

I bought Longevity to feed to my three Border Collies, ages 15, 7 and 2. I'll admit my old guy Britt wouldn't eat his food with it mixed in, but I figured out how to disguise it enough that he now gets a full scoop.

Britt recently had his routine, old-man bloodwork run and to the vet's surprise, his liver levels were normal! For 10 years, his levels have been slightly elevated (nothing crazy, but high enough that he's been on medication for it for a few years). Also, since the summer, his mobility had decreased due to spondylosis. We got him a wheelchair in October, which helped so much in enabling him to walk without falling over. Two weeks ago, I had him outside without his wheelchair (he can stand just fine) and to my surprise, he took a few steps! Then the day of the 2016 blizzard, we walked across our porch! Our pet sitter asked me if I changed his meds, because Britt now walks for her outside as well. The only thing that is new or different in Britt's life is Longevity. I'm ordering more today!

Krysta Barnhart, Pennsylvania