Dear Springtime,

My Quarter/Fox Trotter mare, Sunny, foundered about 3 years ago. I have fought with her feet constantly. Last year, the right front cracked, and I had lost my farrier. Her feet went without attention for almost 3 months as I located a farrier who had the expertise I wanted. In the meantime, I came across the Hoof & Coat Formula and began feeding it immediately.

A month later, I noticed the crack in Sunny's hoof was shrinking! Not only was it reconnecting from the top but from the bottom as well! I could hardly wait for the farrier to come again. When he did, he too was amazed at the structural difference in her hoof.

Sunny has now been on the Hoof & Coat Formula for approximately 7 months. At our last farrier appointment, my farrier declared her sound. In fact, he said that if he did not know she had foundered, he would be wondering if she had. Not only do her feet look better, but they are hard which is so great for white hooves (although muddy in the "after" photo, Sunny has white hooves). Hoof & Coat Formula has definitely helped support her healthy hooves. Both myself and my farrier give it full credit for my mare's feet health. Sunny will be on it for life.

Cathy Mall, Missouri