Dear Springtime,

I give Skin & Coat Oil to my three dogs and one cat. It has done an amazing job on their coats, making their fur soft and they have been itch free. Since they've not been scratching, I got their flea comb out and they have not been bothered by fleas since using this product. I've been checking them every week and no fleas.

I wanted to follow-up with a picture of my little dog Luke as he is the reason I bought your Skin & Coat Oil in the first place. He was just groomed yesterday and his groomer couldn't believe the difference from a few months ago. As you can see, his coat is nice and shiny, smooth and soft. I wish I had taken a before picture because at Luke's last grooming, we noticed that he had bald spots on his back due to chewing. His groomer also noticed that he was totally flea free even though I have not given him anything for fleas in the last three months. As you can imagine, my groomer had to know what I was using and I gladly shared so that he could use the Skin & Coat Oil on his dogs and share with his clients. My groomer was also able to give him a little shorter cut due to his healthy coat. Please do not stop selling this product. As long as I have pets, I will be purchasing.

Gale Springsteen, Florida