Dear Springtime,

I just wanted to thank you for the amazing products you have. I was at my wits end with my two little Chihuahuas. Living in Florida, it was a losing battle trying to fight the fleas. I stopped taking them to the doggie park because they would get infested every time. I tried the cloves, baby oil and alcohol home remedy for fleas, (which I hated because of the smell and it changed the white coat of my dog to an ugly brown). I tried bathing them with the 'original' blue Dawn. That would work until it was time for them to go into the back yard to do their duty. So, I was getting the flea pills from my vet at $18.00 per pill and they were supposed to work up to three months at a time. Before the month was up they would be scratching and biting themselves like little maniacs.

We have a big back yard with lots of trees and bushes. There are two, stray, flea-infested cats that keep jumping the fence into my back yard. So, it's a losing battle trying to keep my dogs from getting infested. It got so bad that they were scratching and biting the hair off their skin. They had big, bald patches of skin where their fur had ceased to grow. It was heartbreaking.

My sister (who lives in Wisconsin) mentioned your company while on the phone. She said her dogs were thriving on your products. After taking down the information, I immediately ordered the Bug Off Garlic Chewables and the Skin & Coat Oil. I can't believe the difference. Within weeks the fleas were completely gone and their coat is full and lustrous. They grew back the fur on the bald patches. It's incredible! I never thought it would grow back again.

Today, they are happy, healthy dogs (no more scratching and biting) thanks to your amazing products. Thank you, Springtime!

Cristina Lipp, Florida

P.S. Both my Chihuahuas love the Skin & Coat Oil. I feed it to them from a syringe and they lick it clean.