Dear Springtime,

We are a 501c3 nonprofit dog rescue, no kill facility who has residence in the north woods of Wisconsin. We have a huge tick, sand flea, and biting insect problem until we were introduced to your products. All of the rescue dogs, as well as my personal dogs, are on Bug Off Garlic Granules. We did a testing of various other well-known name brand dog pesticide products and found that Bug Off Garlic Granules makes our dogs tick-free.

Up until we had implemented Bug Off Garlic Granules at our rescue I was pulling ticks off of our terriers non-stop. We have a vast amount of senior dogs who want to feel comfortable in their later years, including my Jack Russell Terrier who just turned 14 this year, Fast Eddie. Your Bug Off Garlic Granules makes them feel secure and comfortable.

We are incorporating your Springtime catalog into each Adoption Book that goes with our dogs. Thanks so much for making such a great product without any trace of chemicals -Paws and Kisses!

Penny Wagner,
The Dogs of First Friends Animal Rescue Inc., WI