Dear Springtime,

I really appreciate the testimonials, especially the ones for cats. Based on some other research but primarily the testimonials on your website, I have started my rescue ginger cat, Bright Spot, on Longevity and Skin & Coat Oil (Bright Spot loves the taste of the oil).

My rescue Border Collie, Mr. Matty, enjoys the Longevity and Skin & Coat Oil as well. Matty also takes the Bug Off Garlic Chewables as a natural and very effective tick repellent.

Hank, the horse of my heart, is on the C-Complex, J-Flex Concentrate and Hoof & Coat Formula. I will also be using the Performance Paste for the Gangsta (Hank) as we will compete in small barrel racing jackpots this summer.

We have used Springtime products for many years because of the benefits to our beloved animals as well as quality of your products and speedy shipping.

Truly yours,
Kelly Smith-Moore, Virginia