Dear Springtime,

The Skin & Coat Oil for dogs has solved a big problem that I haven't been able to solve, even with different vets.

I have had Kipper, a rescue dog for 5 1/2 years now. When I adopted him, he had a bad habit of sucking on one of his rear paws. The foster home who kept him told me that this was an ongoing thing, and although their veterinarian couldn't find a solution, it didn't seem to be a big problem. For the five years, he and I lived with it. Our veterinarian couldn't find a solution either, other than several baths a week using an antibiotic shampoo and that didn't cure it.

We moved across country, to a totally different environment, and it got much worse. Even with veterinarian help, his leg became discolored, and he was nibbling at it constantly. Then came Skin & Coat Oil. After three days, he was nibbling at his leg and hind quarters far less. Since then, it has stopped completely. He is no longer sucking at his rear paw, either. The coloring is almost completely normal. He is resting well, and not in constant irritation, so his temper is better, and he has more energy.

I am attaching a recent photo of Kipper. He is 24 1/2 lbs. and on a strict diet. He would be much heavier if I let him eat all that he wanted. In fact, he was much heavier when I got him. He is half Pembroke Corgi, and half French Bulldog, and he is adorable. If Kipper had a Facebook account, he would have many friends, much more than I do. But he wouldn't keep it up, so he can't have one! I have used Springtime products on my dogs since 1986, and I recommend them to everyone who has a dog.

Best regards,
Rick Siegert, Oregon