Dear Springtime,

I know your Stress Free Calmplex works and that is why I recommend it to so many people for their dogs with fear and thunderstorm issues. As you may know, Florida has many thunderstorms and Frank, my rescue Border Collie, needed to be on something on a daily basis. Frank had developed fear during storms due to three major hurricanes we had encountered several years back. My friend, Maggie Eslinger, recommended Stress Free Calmplex, and it took about four months before I noticed changes for the positive. After that, he was no longer tearing the house apart when our daily thunderstorms would roll in.

Stress Free Calmplex also helped with his fear issues in the obedience ring. He was very anxious and I was told he would never achieve anything past a Companion Dog Title (CD) in Novice class. However, Stress Free Calmplex helped me achieve the highest obedience AKC title with Frank. I do not believe he would have gotten his Obedience Trial Championship (OTCH) without this product.

Frank is no longer with me, but he will be in my heart forever!

Pamela O'Saile, Florida