Dear Springtime,

I wanted to write and tell you how pleased I am with your product Bug Off Garlic. We have a herd of 10 Tibetan Yaks, 2 horses and 5 English Golden Retrievers (all champions) that we show and breed. I also run a small time dog boarding business on our property. Fifteen years ago, I learned the health benefits and insect repellent abilities of garlic for my dogs and horses from my holistic vet and I have fed it to them ever since. Never once have I needed to use oral or topical flea treatments on my dogs, garlic seems to be enough. We have had our yak herd for 15 years as well and I always wondered if they could or would eat garlic too?

Yaks HATE flies! These pesky insects seem to go after their legs and any areas where the skin is more exposed like the armpits and around the eyes and nose. To get away from the flies the yaks will run as fast as they can, then lay down in tall grass so their skirt hair covers their legs. For the 13 years, all we could do is spray the yaks with fly spray and pray rain wouldn't wash it off.

In 2012 we lost our prized herd bull Sherpa to EHD, a disease that is carried and spread by the midge fly. We knew we had to do more to stop the flies from 'feeding' on our yaks, so we ordered Bug Off Garlic, hoping we could get them to eat it. I made several calls to large animal veterinarian colleges and talked with vets who specialize in bovine. I wanted to make sure it was safe to feed garlic to our yaks. Each vet said the same thing, "Garlic won't hurt them. In fact, it would probably be beneficial if you can get them to eat it."

The yaks loved the garlic from the get-go, they would eat up every last bit of it and come back later in the day to lick the bunk feeders again!

Even before we ramped up to a full ('good") dose, the yaks were pretty much fly free! Occasionally we had to spray the yaks to get rid of giant horse flies, but all and all they survived (and thrived) on the Bug Off Garlic alone. It was so amazing to see them so comfortable; they never had to run to get away from flies. It certainly was the best (bug free) summer our yaks had ever had in 14 years!

Thank you for an awesome product to improve the health and livelihood of our animals here at High Country Critters. Bug Off Garlic gets 5 stars!

Lynda Gehring
High Country Critters, Colorado