Real Letters Combo 2015 Lohman Stephanie


Real Letters Combo 2015 Lohman Stephanie

"She's back to her 4-year-old-self."

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Dear Springtime,

I tried tons of different products to help Bella, my 4-year-old black Lab rescue, but none of them worked. She still couldn't jump in bed to cuddle or even climb stairs. My vet was puzzled. A friend gave me a sample of Fresh Factors and Joint Health Chewables (the Combo) to try, and I saw a difference in less than a week. I ordered a set for myself, and now she's doing much, much better. She's back to her 4-year-old self.

I have referred you to my friends with big dogs, and they rave about your products just like I do. I just wanted to thank you with all my heart for these wonderful products!

Stephanie Lohmann & "Bella," Connecticut