Dear Springtime,

I have used both Longevity and C-Complex with great success with my older dogs who have since passed away. I wanted to let you know that I have referred so many of my clients from the dog grooming shop where I work. One client used it with great success: Her dog's coat grew out, was no longer dull and sparse, and it became full and soft.

My experience with my dog Roxy (12 years old) made a me a believer that your products really work. She had a thyroid condition, and even though her coat was recovering with the help of medicine, it still didn't quite grow. But when I added your supplements, it made her coat blossom. It made her have the coat she should have had. Also, my dogs have had weepy, goopy eyes, and it made them clear up. I know it helped boost their immune system for sure. It also made them also act a little younger.

I just remembered something that blew my mind with your supplement for Roxy. She had a growth on her pad that was almost size of a large gumball, poking on the top of the foot between the toes. The growth almost completely disappeared with being on the supplements! I almost considered surgery, because how much it bothered her, but the surgery was pricey. I am so thankful for what it did for her in all sorts of ways. She was my heart dog.

Allie Romero, California