Dear Springtime,

My 28 year-old Tennessee Walking Horse mare, Dolly, gaits the trails of Palos Verdes like she is 12. Since the day Dolly came to live in our barn at age 26, she has been receiving a scoop of Joint Health Formula as part of her daily supplements.

In the early spring of 2015, we had several days of rain, which meant that we could not ride for over a week. When we decided the trails were safe, we tacked up, left the barn, and Dolly took a few bad steps. So back to the barn we went, and I immediately called the vet. It turned out that because she had missed her regular three-times-per-week, two-hour trail rides, the ligaments around her stifle were stiff. The vet recommended an anti-inflammatory drug, which I used, but I also increased Dolly's dose of Joint Health Formula to one heaping scoop per day. She has not taken a bad step since. I plan to continue this dosage, because at 28 and going strong, I want to keep her sound and comfortable for as long as possible.

Thank you Springtime.

Marlin Sue More, California