Dear Springtime,

I started giving my dog, Wally, Bug Off Garlic Chewables earlier this spring before ticks became an issue. Wally goes everywhere with me. We go on daily trail walks and hikes in areas infested with ticks. I'd previously been using Frontline Plus on him, but it wasn't lasting the 30 days it was supposed to. My vet said in order for it to work well on Wally I'd need to apply a treatment once every two weeks! This simply was not going to work, so I began looking for alternative ways to keep Wally flea and tick free year round. I'm so glad I found Springtime, and since starting Bug Off Garlic Chewables Wally hasn't had any ticks!

As further proof of how well Bug Off Garlic Chewables works, I recently took Wally and my father's two dogs (a Lab and a Yorkie) out for a hike in the woods. Wally gets 6 Bug Off Garlic Chewables a day. The Lab is on Frontline Plus and wears a Scalibor flea & tick collar, and the Yorkie only gets Frontline Plus treatments. Guess which dog had absolutely no ticks when we got home? That's right, Wally was completely tick-free, while both of my dad's dogs had numerous ticks on them. Thanks again for such a great product!

Jessie Green, Maine