Dear Springtime,

I just wanted to tell you about my wonderful experience with Bug Off Garlic. I have been using it for my dog and my goats since March. The longer my goats and Molly, my dog and besty, are on the Bug Off Garlic the more amazing things I see in their health, and I am just so in love with this stuff!

First, I want to say that I was a little concerned about using it for the goats because we drink the milk. I thought it would have a garlicky taste. Well, to my surprise, it does not have the least little bit of garlic flavor! Even better, my girls (and boys) love it! I first gave it to them free choice alongside their minerals, just so they could get used to the smell and taste. Then I started adding it to their feed to make sure everyone gets some. I bought the Bug Off Garlic for horses and use about a tsp. per 60 pounds.

I haven't had any problems with flies biting them. The numbers of flies in the barn have been drastically reduced to the point that I thought they actually hadn't really arrived yet until I talked to a friend who said otherwise (I then recommended Bug Off Garlic to her!). I usually also have mosquitoes because we have a lot of woods and they are constantly landing on my goats and biting. Not this year!

I found one dead tick so far on one of the goats. I haven't found any ticks or fleas on Molly, which is just amazing to me because we are in a wooded area and in previous years, I have picked ticks off her daily. We also get chigger mites on both the goats and Molly, and I haven't seen any at all on them this year either.

In regard to the goats, I'm noticing how silky their fur is becoming in the adults. All the babies have always been born with very soft fur but it never stayed that way, I just thought that was the way it was. Now all my adults' coarse fur is becoming smooth and silky. I could really go on and on.

Every goat I sold this year has gone home with a recommendation for Bug Off Garlic and a catalog. I really think people need to know that goats can benefit from this too, not just horses and dogs. Thanks so much for this awesome product.

A very happy customer,
Tricia Hoover, Pennsylvania