Dear Springtime,

I have four German Shepherds. Ranger Joe, my senior, was itching and digging at himself to the point that he was pulling his hair out, and his fur felt like a steel wool scrub pad. His coat was dull, and his left hind leg was somewhat unstable at times. I know he was feeling his age (6 ½ years old).

I put him on your Omega 3-6-9 and Joint Health Chewables. Wow! In three days, I saw a tremendous difference in his movement. He was running like my two year old dog. His fur is now soft and his coat is sleek and shiny. Thank you so much for answering his S.O.S. call (Save Our Skin).

Many thanks,
Leah Sullivent & the boys – "Ranger Joe, Rommel, Panzer, Sergeant Major," Missouri