Dear Springtime,

I am a longtime client of your horse products. There are many choices of joint products on the market, and I've tried the others, but always come back to yours. The value and quality are unsurpassed.

I'm passionate about this product because it literally saved my horse. In April of 2012 my dressage horse "Gerri," a 12 year old Warmblood, was diagnosed with three injuries in his right hind leg; bone bruise in the foot, strained suspensory and crushed cartilage in the fetlock. I was told that the crushed cartilage would never heal. The vets gave him less than a 40% chance to recover.

I had been struggling to reach Grand Prix dressage for twenty-five years. Gerri went lame two months before my first show at Grand Prix. It was absolutely devastating, almost unreal. I was so close, and now it appeared it was over. To see a dream such a long time coming become squelched in an instant was difficult to accept.

The vets said to give him six months off. He would either be sound, or lame for the rest of his life. He had to be in a stall for three months, then three months in a small paddock. Before leaving the clinic, his suspensory was injected with anti-inflammatory. About two months into his rest, I started him on Joint Health Formula. The only other treatment was special supportive shoes.

I started him back to work after six months. He was completely sound. Every day when I went out to ride, I expected him to be lame. But then the months kept going by, and he stayed sound. He hasn't been lame since.

Finally, I realized my dream of qualifying for and competing in the regional finals at Grand Prix. Gerri and I came in fourth place.

I credit Joint Health Formula for giving me back my horse. I don't think this horse would be sound without it. He will be onJoint Health Formula for the rest of his life.

Thank you, Springtime,
Jeffie Pike, Washington