Dear Springtime,

I was doing a Greyhound adoption meet and greet last weekend and overheard a dog trainer talking to a couple who had a young German Shepherd. She was telling them to get some supplements to keep their dogs' joints healthy. I waited for the couple to walk out of the class and told them to check out the Joint Health Chewables from Springtime. I know a number of greyhound parents who have their hounds on it and they do very well. My Greyhound, Peace, just turned 12 yesterday. She ran 177 races and had two litters of puppies. She doesn't act stiff when she gets out, no limping or joint discomfort. She has been on Fresh Factors and Joint Health Chewables (the Combo) for the last 3 years. I recommend your products to all the new adopters.

Thanks again,
Janice, "Luka," and "Peace" Brinegar, illinois