Dear Springtime,

On September 26, after a short ride over the mountain trails we decided to go through a lower side pasture gate of a neighboring pasture to head back up to barn. It was getting late and was almost dusk. As I walked my horse through the gate the two horses in the pasture came to visit. I waved them off and Amanda started to come through gate with Elron Wind Spirit (L) when the dogs came up behind her from a pasture across the road. L was half way through the open gate when she bent to look behind her. That is when the gate latch dug into her side. We were fortunate the saddle girth strap stopped it from ripping her open further. It dug to the deep burgundy layer that covers her ribs. We were speechless. There was barely a droplet of blood! But she was laid wide open in two gashes! What a horrid sight.

We walked up the hill to the barn. Turned on the lights and examined the injury. It was in a location that not much could be done. Stitches? At 7pm?

Past experiences raced through my mind. Stitches would pull out in a matter of days and the wound would still be gaping open… I remembered a mare I had 10 years ago that had a serious puncture wound in side of her neck from tree branch and my vet had me do water therapy on her twice a day. Then I remembered the Bug Off Garlic! I have used it in wounds over the years with remarkable results. Friends have too… So, we rinsed out the wound and I sprayed it with a wound spray, to kill germs. Then I packed it in with Bug Off Garlic. Amanda and I stopped at the Doris's house, owner of land I was boarding L at for the summer, to explain what had happened. Doris said she would help me with caring for L on my long work days. She is an Angel!

In the morning I was back to wash L's wound and repack with the Bug Off Garlic. I am not sure if it looked worse or better….

When my veterinarian's office opened I called and spoke with him about the injury. I was doing exactly what needed to be done. Rinsing the wound two to three times a day to remove all crusty tissue and putting on an ointment to protect the area. L was current on all her shots, but vet called in prescription of penicillin. L was to get one shot a day, 10cc for three days to give her system protection to fight infection.

The wound was deep. L was incredible throughout the entire time. From the moment of the injury and all during the washing and treating of the wound two and three times a day, L never acted like it ever hurt her. She never shied away and was calm and patient for us, relaxed and at ease. She was amazing. It was as if she knew to be good that we were helping her. It amazed me the high tolerance to pain she has.

The wound healed so fast. Kept the wound rinsed clean then covered it totally with Bug Off Garlic by tossing it into the deep cavity. During the day, if it looked like some garlic fell off, Doris would toss more on.

On Oct 10th, I trimmed off the piece of skin that bridged between the two gashes. It had dried up like scab. I trimmed it off by using the soft water flow from hose nozzle.

On Oct 16th, I rode L about one hour at Barrett (at a walk & a little trotting). It was her first ride since injury. She was solid and sound. I rode with the girth loose so as not to rub the wound.

On Oct 19th, I rode L 12 miles at Kings Mt. State Park. She did super! Mike Bridges, DVM, was there helping that day on trail work. When we explained what happened to L just three weeks earlier he looked at her side and was amazed at how fast it healed.

Now the wound is totally healed. No white hairs. No scar. I massage the area daily for there is a little thick tissue in the area. The hair over the area that had been cut is a little shorter than her winter hair.

God has truly enabled his creation to heal. He also has blessed us with natural healing agents to assist animals to heal when the help is needed. Bug Off Garlic not only sped up the healing process, but it also kept the area free of flies! L is fed the Bug Off Garlic also.

As I look back and review, the one thing I will not do again is use the wound spray. It actually clogged the tissue, preventing it from healing. I had to trim it away each day as the tissue it was on died and scabbed.

Thank you, Springtime, for wonderful products. My 15 year old mare suffered a shoulder injury at age seven. She has been on Joint Health Formula ever since and is sound! She has completed 5, 25 & 30 mile Endurance rides as well. Your DMG 5,600 was given to me by one of my customers that was moving & had sold her horse. I eventually gave some to my mare and noticed her recovery on the trail was out-doing that of the other horses we were riding with. I have had her on it for two years now. I owe her quick recovery on the trails to your product DMG 5,600.

Thank you Springtime! From me, my dogs and my horses!
Audrey Salisbury, North Carolina