Dear Springtime,

Josh and I adopted Jax on July 7, 2013 from Wisconsin Rottweiler Rescue in Madison, WI. In the few short months that we have had Jax he has been an amazing addition to our family. He does so well with all of our nieces and nephews and they all can't wait to see him when he visits or when they visit us.

We knew shortly after we got Jax that he had some issues with his back legs and took him to the vet to have it checked and they monitor him. We then enrolled him in puppy school with Cindy Steinke at K9 Elementary who noticed what we had about his leg problems and recommended that we check out the Springtime website and maybe try starting Jax on Fresh Factors.

I saw results with Jax's ease of movement within the first few weeks of him taking Fresh Factors. His comfort level is so much better and he is acting like the 2 year old dog he truly is instead of being sore and stiff all the time. I'm so glad that we were recommended Fresh Factors for Jax. He is doing so much better since being on Fresh Factors that we are going to continue him on them in the future.

Thank you so much,
Megan, Josh and "Jax" Spatz, Wisconsin