Dear Springtime,

I just want to update you on my use of Longevity in my cats. I can't get the "full" dose in them because it becomes too strong in their food. Of my three cats it plays out like this:

Mythril: This 12 year old girl doesn't really care for it but if I don't put more than a good pinch in her food she's fine. She is twelve and her normally matte-finish coat is actually getting shiny!

Noah: My 12 year old Rumpy Manx boy was showing signs of increasing discomfort in his hips which prompted me to try your product on the felines. He gets a rounded ½ teaspoonful every day and doesn't mind it a bit. (He'd eat a shingle if I put it in his bowl!) He seems to be more comfortable in the back end and his coat is glossing up.

Guinness: He is two years old and wild as can be. When I first got my shipment of Longevity I opened one container and put it on the floor. We walked over, took a couple of tastes and seemed to like it. He is a picky eater and I have to add warm water to his food to make "gravy" because he leaves the solids behind after he licks them dry. The Longevity (known as green powder at my house) actually seems to make him more interested in his food. His already soft coat has gotten softer and is getting even shinier.

In my opinion, this is a great product. It worked for my old Aussie, Sydney, who was the original user of Longevity in our house. He had degenerative arthritis in his spine and Longevity made his senior years much more comfortable. I even used it in combination with the medications he had from the vet. It seems to be doing wonderful things for my cats too! I'm very grateful.

Lisa Phelps, New Hampshire