Dear Springtime,

I just wanted to say thank you for your great products! Unfortunately, my oldest Dalmatian, Charley, started going downhill fast. I wasn't sure he was going to make it until Thanksgiving. He was losing weight fast (despite being fed almost 3000 calories a day) and his general health was failing. I didn't want to lose him near the holidays and started to research products that may help me improve his health. I remembered Springtime and I got on the website to place an order and found Longevity. I am amazed! Not only has Charley made it to the New Year, but he is gaining weight, has more energy, is no longer depressed and overall looks better than he did six months ago. I didn't know if he'll make it to his 14th birthday, but I am hopeful now!

Even my little rescued Beagle who suffers from severe OCD and panic disorder has made amazing progress! He no longer takes his anti-anxiety meds and is MUCH calmer and relaxed. I have even ordered Stress Free Calmplex for him and hope that both products will continue to help him too! Thank you!

Amy O'Brien, Pennsylvania
Dill Valley Dalmatians & Revival Beagles