Dear Springtime,

This is my 5 year old greyhound, Gilly Boy, after putting him on Longevity and a raw diet. I read that Longevity made their coat healthy and pretty so I thought I'd try it as his coat was kind of thin and had brown spots on it when I got him. The only other supplements he got were melatonin and some fish oil. Now his coat is like lustrous dark black velvet and he gets many compliments. Remarkable, isn't it?

I have one other Longevity fed dog – Momma Seabird (JC's Seabird). She was a brood momma and was 10 years old when I adopted her. She had a yucky fungus or something on two of her toes that the vet couldn't clear up. I had read a testimonial about how Longevity cleared some kind of fungus on another lady's dog so I thought since I was going to give it to Gilly for his coat, I would 'try' it on Momma, too, and see if it did anything. It cleared the fungus and the toes got well! Momma is 12 now and in great health as you can see. She also gets the Advanced Hip & Joint Chewables. I continue to be impressed with your products after using them for many years. My many dogs and I say THANKS!!!

Donna Logsdon, Kentucky