Dear Springtime,

I wanted to tell you about a horse named Joey who enjoyed his final 21 months because of your products, especially the Joint Health Formula.

My husband and I retired and moved to Texas where we built a new barn and took in horses that have been seized by law enforcement because of neglect or cruelty – Forever Home Ranch.

Joey came to us in June, 2009. At age 23 he was about to be put down because he was in terrible shape. Three of four knees were shot from his previous owners using him too long as a cutting horse. He was missing most of his teeth but no one checked why he couldn't eat so he was down to skin and bones when he arrived. No one expected him to see Christmas.

We were using Joint Health Formula (and Bee Pollen, Gamma, and Bug Off Garlic) with most of the horses we have (14 of 18 are currently on it) but our vet told us to use triple the amount for Joey. He thought it would help and that amount would still be safe.

By October, Joey was trotting. By the next January, we saw him canter several times and the trotting was a daily event to both breakfast and dinner meals. Joey was doing well. For almost two years - and two Christmases - he enjoyed his time to the fullest.

This winter was a cold and hard one in central Texas. We lost one of the horse elders in February and Joey declined as well. His trotting was not as frequent and he had more down days than up days. Joey's body finally betrayed him in April and we had to make the tough decision because his spirit was still strong although his body was giving out.

It is hard for me to think about Joey without getting upset but I have wanted to write to thank you for having a product that made his last months mostly pain-free.

We have had a lot of success with Joint Health Formula and the other Springtime products and have recommended them to people who ask how we keep the elders in such good shape. We have only lost four equines in the three years since we moved here and although their average age is late twenties, most of the others are going strong and are much healthier than when they arrived.

A syndicated Texas television show called The Texas Country Reporter did a feature on our ranch's horses which, after it ran on their show, they put on YouTube. I thought that you or someone else at Springtime who has an interest in old horses might be interested in seeing the video.

Believe me, none of the horses looked this good when they first came to us. Your supplements have helped tremendously, especially the Joint Health Formula since their average age is 26.

Your phone folks are also informative and helpful and that is something that is, unfortunately, becoming rare these days. Thank you for the help you have given us over the years.

Peggy Neaves, Texas