Dear Springtime,

A few years ago, one of my own dogs was having some joint issues. He was routinely on vet prescribed medication. This was something I did not want him on long term. I discovered Fresh Factors at that time. After a short while on that he felt better; he had no stiffness, no limp and was completely off medication to this day. Since then, I have put all of my four dogs on Fresh Factors and Joint Health Chewables. I have three 13 year olds that the vet tells me are in excellent shape.

Because I am president and run the Southern Nevada Beagle Rescue Foundation, I put all my rescue dogs on Fresh Factors, Joint Health Chewables and even some even on Advanced Hip & Joint Chewables (dogs above the age of five and/or have problems). We have had to do multiple surgeries for hip dysplasia and valgus deformity as well as ACL injury/tears. All of our rescue dogs do better with Fresh Factors,Joint Health Chewables and Advanced Hip & Joint Chewables.

I highly recommend this product for any dog having issues or even dogs advancing in age as a preventative. I know it works, because I have seen the results. I trust the product and I know I am giving my own dogs and my rescue dogs something safe for them that will help them.

Thank you, Springtime,
Regina Harman
President, Southern Nevada Beagle Rescue Foundation