"My 95 lb German Shepherd gets 16 Bug Off Garlic Chewable tablets a day - Best Dose.
Dennis Hampt, Owner Springtime, Inc.

Bug Off Garlic Chewables - Healthy Whole Food Formula

Each Tablet contains:
- 1000 mg premium select garlic granules.
- 350 mg nutritional yeast culture from Red Star. Unpastuerized for "live factors."
- 350 mg desiccated, raw beef liver from Argentina - highest nutritional density and great flavor.

J-Flex Concentrate for Horses, Dogs & Cats - Dependable Quality since 1991!

- Super nutrient for joints.
- Tasteless, odorless powder - easy to use.
- Most, economical joint care by far - save $$$.
- Safe, reliable
- minimum 90% extract, bovine source, maximum chondroitin A activity
- tested by reliable Enzymatic HPL method.
- Top Pharmaceutical Grade!