Dear Springtime,

I have been feeding Fresh Factors to my Rottweiler, Rudy Carl, for seven years. And, in addition, Joint Health Chewables Joint Health Chewables for the last five. He is over 10 years old and you would NEVER know it. He looks and acts like a young dog. I attribute this primarily to Fresh Factors, but also toJoint Health Chewables . Other than some gray hairs on his chin, you would never know his age. His coat is beautiful, his eyes are clear; he has lots of energy and still bounces up and down like he has since he was a puppy.

I have had great experiences giving samples ofFresh Factors to friends. One had an older Rottweiler. After a month or so on Fresh Factors, the UPS driver came to the house. Not knowing, of course, about the new supplement, the UPS guy commented on how great the dog looked and asked the owners, "What happened to Thor? He looks great and has so much energy!"

I swear by your products for dogs.

Thank you,
Erin House, Michigan