Dear Springtime,

My name is Jennifer Hartman and I am a dog handler for a fantastic non-profit with the University of Washington Center for Conservation Biology, called Conservation Canines (learn more at I'm writing to let you know that we love your products!

A little about us: Conservation Canines adopts shelter dogs of all breeds and trains them to find the scat of other species. This method is used by agencies such as the Fish and Wildlife Service, the Forest Service, and conservation groups like World Wildlife Fund and The Nature Conservancy to monitor at risk wildlife around the world. Our dogs are high energy, active dogs who love to play ball in reward for finding a scat. We've traveled with the dogs to places like Brazil, Cambodia, and Canada and locally to California, Montana, Washington and many other states looking for species such as the orca whale, puma, tiger, grizzly bear and spotted owl. We were in Wisconsin last year, for example, and your Bug Off Garlic Granules supplement was elemental in warding off pesky deer flies and mosquitoes as we searched the landscape for bobcat.

Currently we have 18 dogs in our program. We've been purchasing your Longevity supplement because we love feeding our dogs only the best. We also love yourBug Off Garlic Granules Bug Off Garlic, Fresh Factors and Joint Health Chewables to keep our dogs happy and healthy.

All the best,
Jennifer Hartman and the rest of the Conservation Canine Pack, Washington