Dear Springtime,

Like many service dog handlers, my disabilities (epilepsy, a brain tumor, PTSD and spinal injuries) severely limit my income. However, I do not want this to affect the health and performance of my service dog, Mandi. She has a very sensitive system and is allergic to most grains. These issues are much, much better when I am able to put her on Longevity and Bug Off Garlic Granules. She is visibly healthier and happier, with a softer coat and clear skin and eyes.

Mandi literally saves my life on a regular basis, and deserves the best care I can provide. Her work alerting and responding to seizures, assisting with balance and mobility, and mitigating PTSD symptoms vastly improves my quality of life, and helps me maintain my independence.

Thanks so much,
Meghan Bodie, Virginia