Dear Springtime,

We have been providing our three Greyhounds (Lucy, Ricky and Madonna) with Fresh Factors and Joint Health Chewables (the Combo) for about four years now. It is remarkable to us just how healthy they are. Ricky, at age 11 1/2, would whimper each time he would rise from his bed. Since taking your products, we have not heard a sound. Lucy, at age 10 1/2, to this day runs around our house daily and effortlessly without issue. But lastly, our Madonna at age 14 and 9 months, even though she is deaf, blind in one eye and her rear legs have weakened due to age, still jumps on and off our deck six times a day. We take very good care of our Greyhounds, but truly believe that the Combo has contributed in a positive way to their longevity.

Any chance we get, we tell our dog families of your wonderful products!

Cathe, Dennis, "Lucy, Ricky and Madonna" Farkas, Ohio