Dear Springtime,

The rescue piloted a test run with the Joint Health Formula with two of our most symptomatic horses: "JoJo" – an ex-dressage horse nearing 25 years old and "Danny" – a seven year old Thoroughbred off the track, who sustained a shattered sesamoid injury. JoJo experiences difficulty with severe joint issues, which makes it difficult for him to rise in the morning and move forward into the day.

Since we have been adding the Joint Health Formula, we are happy to report that JoJo is having more good than bad days. On those good days he is able to come out and socialize with his paddock mate and greet the many visitors who frequent the rescue. He appears brighter and lighter on his feet and we're thinking he might be fit for a short ride. Danny is going longer without any Bute. He is now able to bear a rider and has begun to train in dressage, which we feel will teach him to use his hind quarters, thereby alleviating stress on his front injured leg. Danny has literally come out of what could be called a "depression" as he seems to have a huge smile on his face when he works.

On behalf of our four legged friends, we extend a huge 'neigh' for helping them have a second chance. And, on behalf of the Board of Directors, we extend our sincere thanks and acknowledgement for your commitment to animals and people.

Louise Abitbol, New York
North Shore Horse Rescue