Dear Springtime,

I have enclosed a picture of my Pugs. We started using Fresh Factors in '96, and our Pug, Tigger, was 9 years old at the time. She had degeneration of the spinal cord. She had lost use of her hind legs and we got her a wheel chair and in the spring of '96 she began losing control of her bowels. I had received your catalog in the mail, so I ordered Fresh Factors. Within two weeks Tigger was back to playing with her sister Banjo. It was amazing to say the least! She had regained control of her bowels and lived seven more happy years. We have had all of our pugs on Fresh Factors and just last year we put Columbo on Joint Health Chewables full time. They love Bee Pollen too – they beg for that! Banjo lived to be 17 years old, we just lost her last summer. I know their longevity is due to your products.

Amanda Branham, Ohio