Dear Springtime,

I can't remember who I spoke with when I placed the last order, but I told her I'd send a picture of my dog Chip. He turned 9 in May and we will be celebrating nine years together later this month. I found out about Fresh Factors in the mid '90s when I had a Shepherd mix named Bud. He had torn his ACL and developed some joint issues in the knee a couple of years later. The vet had him taking pain medication, but a co-worker told me about Fresh Factors. Because of your product, I was able to stop giving the pain medication to Bud. He passed away in 2002, and I ended up adopting Chip (possibly an Anatolian Shepherd mix). I decided to start giving Fresh Factors to Chip a couple of years ago just for preventative maintenance purposes. The attached photo was taken in December when we were on vacation in Florida. Even at age 9, Chip has lots of energy and can outrun many dogs half his age.

Thanks for keeping your product reasonably priced!

Mary Dick, Virginia