Dear Springtime,

I buy Longevity for Nellie, who is about 7 1/2 years old. She was a victim of "hit and run" about five years ago and now is so full of joint pain! She and our other rescue, Foster (died 12/2/2008, at age 13), had run across the street when my hubby forgot to shut the gate. Nellie came when he called them to come back, but Foster just kept doing his thing. Nellie, being mostly Collie, ran back across the street to "herd" Foster back home and while running to get him, was hit by the car of two teenage boys, who decided to keep on going!

She is on a pain killer every day and this will continue the rest of her life. Prior to starting Longevity, she slept most of the day and had a very hard time getting up and laying down. She was also losing interest in eating. I had tried Nellie on your Combo, but she would not eat them and I already had so many other pills I had to force down her throat. I then tried theLongevity. Within two days, Nellie showed improvement! It's a miracle! I give her a heaping scoopful in both her daily meals. (It looks weird and smells kind of yukky, but I don't have to eat it and she will, so that's all that matters!) Nellie will now play some with Joey, our other rescue dog. Being that he is probably only three, he is still puppy enough to beg her to play all the time. Before she would not budge, but now will get up and play, several times a day! She will also try to run to keep up with him, which of course is her "dream!" She also has more interest in eating, which is a feat in itself, because she has never been a good eater.

Thanks again for your products!

JoAnna Blau, Wisconsin